Pneumatic Swing Cylinder

Flange mounting, double acting


Description :

Pneumatic swing cylinders are used for clamping in the sheet metal industry and for light machining applications. In the unclamped position, the work piece area is free from the strap, for easy loading / unloading.
These are pull type cylinders. The piston rotates by 90° during the swing stroke, followed by straight clamping stroke.

Versions :

Swing direction (While clamping and looking from rod side)

  • CW - clockwise
  • CCW - counter clockwise

Specifications :

  • Bore diameter - 50 mm.
  • Maximum air pressure - 6 bar.
  • Minimum air pressure - 2.5 bar.
  • Clamping force - 1 kN at 6 bar air pressure.

Notes :

  • To avoid the damage of the swing mechanism, hold the clamping strap in a vice while tightening and loosening the clamping strap nut.
  • To prevent the damage to the swing mechanism due to impact, use a flow control valve at both the ports.
  • Clamp the job in the straight clamping stroke only.
  • Do not exceed the standard strap length.
  • For height adjustment, use either a spacer at the mounting plate or an adjusting bolt on the strap as shown in figure.
  • Use only dry and lubricated air.
  • For ordering the seal kit, add the prefix "S" to the part number.
  • For Non-standard cylinder requirements, Please contact

Dimensional details :

CW 4710500
CCW 4710600
All dimensions are in mm, Overall dimension tolerance ± 0.5 mm.
Subject to change for improvement. (Revision - July12)


Application Example :