Die Lifter

Hydraulic forwarding, single acting, load return

Part No. 4110700 :


28 mm T slot as per DIN 650 :


Description :

Die Lifers are used in pairs or sets as per the 'T' slot length in the bolster. Hydraulic piston fitted with needle roller bearing lift the dieset allowing the die to be easily rolled in and out during die change process. Dielifter is of rectangular cross section & can be fitted in 'T' Slot of bolster. In 250 mm & 200 mm length die lifters, four & three single acting, load return cylinders are fitted respectively. Various lengths can be assembled by using combinations of 250 & 200 length die lifters.

Application :

Die-lifters are used for quick change of dies & tools on presses. Die can be pushed & pulled only in the direction of T slot.

Installation :

Die-lifters are fixed in T slot. Die-lifters must be 1 mm below bolster top in un pressurized mode. Proper packing should be used to achieve this specific height. Connector tubes are used to connect two units of die-lifter in the row as shown in figure. Minimum two rows of die-lifter are required to balance die weight. At one end hydraulic connection has to be give & other end has to be plugged.

Operation :

For changing die, first unclamp the die-set. (Keep all cylinders in Parking stand, if die is clamped by die clamping cylinders) Move ram up. Pressurize die-lifter, so that die is lifted by 2mm above bolster top. Push die-set on trolley. Push new die set on bolster. Release die-lifter pressure so that die will rest on bolster.

Specifications :

  • Operating pressure - 85 kg/cm2.
  • Max. operating pressure 100 kg/cm2.
  • Force per unit length :- 5 kg/mm at 85 bar.
  • Stroke :- 3 mm.
  • Lengths Available- 200, 250, 400, 450, 500, 600, and any length in step of 50 above 600 mm,

Notes :

  • There should not be pockets on the bottom of die-sets. It is preferred to have hardened strip at bottom area which is in contract with die-lifters.
  • Do not pressurize die-lifters when either dies are in clamped condition on Ram is at bottom dead center.
  • Die-lifter circuit must have counter balance valve relief valve so that maximum pressure is controlled.
  • For ordering the seal kit, add prefix "S" to the part number (Specify total length and number of rollers).
  • T slot dimensions should be 28mm as per DIN 650 standard.
  • Specify dimension 'L' (Length of die lifter), while ordering the die lifter.

Dimensional details :