Types of Automation in Clamping

  1. Pneumatic Automation

    It is used only for small aluminium components, due to force and space constraints. In majority of the applications, hydraulic or hydropneumatic clamping is preferred.

  2. Hydraulic Automation

    It is used in SPMs, where it need long stroke, speed, sequencing and high volumes.

  3. Hydropneumatic Automation

    It has two types

Another consideration is the production volume.

  1. Manual clamping is used in prototype production or batch production where production volumes are low. As the production increases, even conventional machines are dedicated for specific operation.

  2. Hydropneumatic clamping is generally used at this production level (50 to 200 jobs per shift).

  3. Hydraulic clamping in SPM is preferred when the production level goes near 1 job per minute.